The overly ambitious only achieve what they put into motion.

The tail of a product virgins journey – 45DayLaunch

Hello world!

Today marks the beginning of my journey. As a Chemist that sold out to the business world in search of capturing financial freedom. I have come to the conclusion that no amount of promotions will exceed the pressures of inflation, utilize my creativity, tap into my mechanical aptitude, or leave me fulfilled. Creating a brand with real value is my best avenue for returning to a simple life of farming.

Day 1
– Purchased 2 domains for ~$14 each yr and hosting from WPX ~$336 for up to 5 sites… from my last fizzle I learned WordPress is cheap and gives more options for success. This analysis was the result of many hours of overthinking and countless youtube videos.

-Found a better deal on JungleScout vs Helium10 and resisted the urge to overthink. Pulled the trigger ~$649 for a year of Pro, made this decision primarily for the supplier database. seems like my answer to sourcing. I am hopeful this will allow me to avoid Alibaba, giving me peace of mind that my product listings will not be highjacked by the factory selling direct.

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